There's a better way to build a strong steel fence

Customer Reviews
  • They are a fantastic invention, they're easy to install and much faster to clip your wire in than having to install ties, the wire is also very secure it can't come out.
    — S.Milne
  • They are faster and easier than ordinary post and take one person half the time to fence.
    — Malden Farm
  • They're fast to put wires in. I like the backing plate. I have recommended them.
    — R.Lamph
  • I like the time saving factor.I look forward to using more in the future. Price was comparable to competitors with the added time saving of not having to tie ties.
    — Simon Cattle Company
  • They are fast and easy to attach mesh and barded wire to, even the kids can help! I have already recommended the posts to...
    — Coo-ee Farms
  • ...other people.I was able to get a custom made post with slots to suit the mesh I had, at not a lot of extra money...
    — Coo-ee Farms
  • ...Good value and good service. They have worked well in getting Feral pig proof fencing done quickly.
    — Coo-ee Farms
  • No tying on of wire is great fair value.
    — Green Eggs Farm
  • They are easy to install and are particularly easy to replace or add posts to a fenceline. Yes I would recommend them.
    — A.Laird
  • Easy to use, strong and you can remove them and reuse them if needed.
    — J.Dudman
  • I purchased a few of these post a few years ago as a trial to see how the stand up over time. I am extremely happy with them, as they don't require the wire...
    — G.Mulcahy
  • be tied and have proven they are just as good as standard star pickets. I will be purchasing more for my next fencing job.
    — G.Mulcahy
  • The posts drive in without twisting.In built clips make installing wire quick & easy, repairing broken wires also very easy.
    — S.Thompson

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